Sea Bronco and Sea Echo assisted with the renovation of the railway through central Stockholm, the so-called Getingmidjan.

A large part of the Getingmidjan, the railway through central Stockholm, was built in the 1950s and is now in need of a renovation. In Sweden, almost all train traffic starts or ends in Stockholm, which means that it’s the busiest railway that links the North of the country with the South.


The project was awarded to Implenia Sverige AB in April 2017. The complete Getingmidjan project includes the replacement and repair of important bridges and tunnels, the construction of retaining walls, ensuring noise protection, earthworks and pipe work as well as the design.


Sarens, who has a rich history in accelerated bridge replacement and installation technologies, is working on this project on behalf of Implenia. This specific project includes longer freights with barges and installations with cranes. Seacontractors’ multipurpose vessel Sea Bronco and shoalbuster Sea Echo are chartered by Sarens. Both shallow draft vessels are hired to perform barge handling, towing and pushing of the barges and assist with the removal and installation of the bridge.  


The new 200m steel-bridge was brought into the center of Stockholm and arrived from Västerås for installation on Sunday 14th of July. Lifting the bridge in place was a precise job and good weather conditions were crucial. On Thursday, 18th of July, the new railway bridge at Getingmidjan was in place.


The Sea Bronco and Sea Echo are preparing to take project equipment back to the Netherlands for demobilization. The first train to pass the Getingmidjan is expected on 19th August 2019.