Seacontractors "Dian Kingdom" safely delivered the disabled multi-purpose vessel "Spaarnegracht"

The multi-purpose vessel Spaarnegracht was reported drifting about 700 Nautical Miles N-NW of the Azores with engine problems. The Spaarnegracht was underway from Husum, Sweden to Baltimore, USA with a cargo of paper products.


Same time the Dian Kingdom was underway to Rotterdam coming from the south. After contract terms were agreed the 18th of May, it was decided to divert Dian Kingdom to Flushing where she took bunkers and stores over-night and headed towards mv Spaarnegracht the next morning, the 19th of May.


Mobilisation was approx. 1.500 Nautical miles Miles and the Dian Kingdom arrived on location of the casualty May 26th early AM. Within 30 minutes the Dian Kingdom made connection to the Spaarnegracht after which the convoy started heading for Rotterdam.


After a smooth journey the Dian Kingdom safely delivered the Spaarnegracht to her owners on the 4th of June at SCA Logistics Interforest Terminal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.