Offshore Support Vessels

The Offshore Support Vessel division is one of Seacontractors' core activities. Seacontractors operates a fleet of modern state of the art shallow draft anchor handling tug supply vessels and Multicats in the range of 55 to 110 tonnes bollard pull (A-class) and 0 to 55 tonnes bollard pull (B-class).


The AHTS vessels are specially designed for: anchor handling (positioning and lifting), towing offshore platforms, barges and production modules and can also serve as emergency rescue and recovery vessel (ERRV).  Our Multicat vessels are specially designed for anchor handling (positioning and lifting), support to subsea/offshore, dredging and wind farm works. They can also be used as a tugboat or a pushboat and can provide a stable work platform.


Seacontractors is active in below mentioned business segments:

  • Offshore Energy, offshore oil & gas, offshore wind support/renewables
  • Maritime infrastructure, bridges and jetties construction, port development and dredging support works, inland waters
  • Towage, salvage and ship handling


  • Towages: long/short distance towages, ship handling.
  • Dredging support: push/pull, hopper coupling, floating and sinker lines.
  • Anchor handling: anchor inspections, laying anchor patterns
  • Supply work: bunkers, water & food supply, spare parts, crew transfers.
  • Ploughing: dredging and ploughing, grapnel runs.
  • Surveying: desk/office, multi beam moonpool.
  • Salvage: emergency response, wreck removal support.
  • Diving support: support of underwater installation units.
  • Single Point Mooring (SPM): towage + Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM), Oil Spill Response (OSR) and diving services.

  • Floating, Storage and Offloading unit (FSO): towage, and Oil Spill Response services.

  • Ship to Ship transfer, offshore transfer oil/gas tankers side by side (STS): towage and supply of large fenders.

You can always expect the highest degree of safety and reliability.  Our young fleet and our highly qualified crews, guarantee the secure and punctual transport of your freight to all harbors worldwide.