Seacontractors offers a wide range of maritime services

With the quality and variety of our vessels, linked with our experienced crew gives us the ability and flexibility to execute even the most complex projects. With an impressive track record, Seacontractors has operated safely and successfully in the maritime industry for over 15 years. This is what makes Seacontractors a valued partner.


Seacontractors is active in the following industries:


From the North Sea to the Persian/Arabian Gulf, Seacontractors has operated on some of the world’s most demanding oil and gas projects - both on- and offshore. Our vessels and project qualified (Saudi Aramco) crew assist during offshore and subsea construction works.


From the Netherlands to Taiwan, Seacontractors has an impressive track record and proven experience in assisting with constructing renewables offshore wind parks worldwide. Renewables is a highly innovative industry which is quickly developing and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.   


Seacontractors has operated in numerous maritime infrastructure development projects all over the world. Maintenance or developments of ports and waterways, including quays, jetties, breakwaters and dredging, Seacontractors holds deep expertise in these aspects of maritime infrastructure.


Seacontractors vessels regularly sails from ports all over the world to perform sea towages. Towages are performed in various conformations, whether it’s a hull, a dry-dock, barges, floating cranes or other dredging, renewable and offshore equipment. Our vessels are designed for long-distance ocean towages.


Seacontractors provides ship handling and terminal towage services. With the variety of our vessels, we assist at port- and floating facilities such as FSO, FPSO, FLNG, FSRU and SPM Terminals all over the world.


Seacontractors offers emergency response services to the international maritime industry. We have a variety of vessels available, stationed around the world, with specialized salvage equipment and fire-fighting systems. We are only one call away and ready to offer 24/7 ‘emergency’ support.

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