The arrival of Hinkley Point C’s first reactor

Seacontractors are privileged with be working with the Osprey Group for EDF (UK) with our vessels Sea Bronco and MTS Valour providing support in Avonmouth area for the HPC project.

''The first new nuclear reactor for a British power station in more than 30 years has arrived in Somerset.

At just 13-metres long and weighing 500-tonnes, the “reactor pressure vessel” will create the heat needed to make steam for the world’s largest turbines. This reactor will help provide enough low carbon electricity for 3m homes and will help Britain achieve Net Zero and stronger energy security.'' 

The combination of these shallow draft vessels offers the ideal solution to work within the limitation of the area and this specialised operation. We look forward to supporting this essential low carbon nuclear project securing the future of the United Kingdom’s energy for years to come.

Read EDF's full story here –

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